Collina: Racism rules need to change

But the former official has claimed that that should change, whilst also commenting on the news that Nicola Rizzoli will be the referee for the Champions League final.

“Rizzoli did well at Euro 2012. It is not a surprise choice for me.”

Under current rules, those who exit the field of play of their own accord are not allowed to re-enter.

UEFA Head of Referees Pierlui在线外围投注gi Collina believes that players who walk off the pitch follow线上足球投注ing racial abuse should not be punished.

“Racism is a problem that needs to be solved.

“It is not right that a player, in order to assert a right to defend themselves, must leave the field for good,” he told reporters.

“If he was forced to leave the pitch [because of racial 六合投注网站abuse] he should not be sent off.