Prandelli: Racism is a pr真正赚钱的项目有谁会发布oblem

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“It starts with a 'boo' but then you do not know where it will go.

“The Champions League was there for them, and then went in 10 minutes.”

“It is澳门外围投注 normal that they would be bitter about what happened last night.

“It is a long path, but you have to make it clear to everyone in the crowd that they have to behave.”

National team boss Cesare Prandelli has claimed that Italian football has a 'problem' with racism.

“It is a general problem in Italian football,” he told a Press conference. “To be a credible footballing nation, we must not tolerate it any more.

Milan players were subjected to racial 真人外围投注abuse during their game with Roma two weeks' ago, and the Azzurri Coach has insisted that the authorities ne21点官网ed stamp down on the issue.

The former Fiorentina tactician then commented on the Viola's near-miss for Champions League qualification.